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Over the years, IEI has always been on the cutting edge of video technologies.

Almost 50 years ago, when IEI first opened its doors, all the major brands were in stock. Leading the cutting edge at the time, IEI carried Fisher, Scott, Marantz and Concord as well as 8-track, the new "4 track cassette", reel to reel and the Sony Elcassette (remember that?)​

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With the advent of home theater, IEI's vast array of accessories and expertise with cabling solutions and sound systems blended into the perfect solution for custom designing each and every system. In most "fast-food" consumer electronic stores, they sell you a finished product like a TV or a receiver with "surround sound", but if you want to distribute the audio, video and Infra-red control throughout the house, IEI carries ALL the cabling, hardware and connectors to help you design a configuration for your home or business.


The audio room at IEI is a fully integrated system. Utilizing a computerized switching system, each receiver can be cross-connected with any of the speakers or CD/DVD Player. Not to be overlooked is the huge inventory of headphones, speaker stands, mini-systems and even TURNTABLES.

Home Audio is nothing new at IEI.