For over 40 years, IEI has stocked a full line of car audio products, from the introduction of the 8-track to the current compact disc and DVD systems. 

Our Car Audio

When other operations were carrying a limited amount of inventory, IEI not only stocked the complete product lines, but an incredible array of replacement speakers, wire and custom accessories.​

Technology at Your Fingertips

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Our state-of-the-art showroom...

IEI has a state-of-the-art showroom to allow the customer to examine each model and hear it in combination with the amplifier and speakers of choice. Also in stock, you'll find a full line of self-contained box speakers that meets the need of every custom van or recreational vehicle.

When purchasing components to do your own custom car audio installation, IEI does not limit you to a few connectors and parts, but stocks a massive inventory of high-tech, high power accessories. From high current fuse arrays to amplifier power kits, they are all in stock and on display for you to test and evaluate.


And if you don't want to do your own installation, IEI has a highly qualified custom installation team that can do it for you.....

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